Heroes Unmasked

Sarah C.
London Health Sciences Centre London

My daughter Sarah works as a nurse in a Respirology unit. She ended up getting Covid 19. Scary times. She was quarantined and had to have a second test before going back to work. She recovered and two weeks later the test was negative. She was so happy to go back to work to help others. One of the most touching stories she told me was of a 91 year old man who had the virus and was dying- his family could not visit. Sarah didn't want him to die alone. She held his hand until he passed.

Holly N.
Nursing Student

Holly is a third year nursing student.  As with everyone's lives, hers was turned upside down when her school teen was abruptly cancelled and she had to move back home to finish classes online. She had two summer jobs lined up, one at a camp for special needs kids.  Being in a position of having lost jobs due to Covid-19, she could have applied for the government subsidy CERB as many friends she knows have done.  Instead, she was drawn to help in a local senior home.  She finished her last exam on Friday and started work on Monday the 20th of April at Stouffville Creek Retirement Home. Holly just turned 21.  Instead of running away from a bad situation, she ran toward it to see where she could help.  She is my only daughter, and of course I worry about her going to a place where so many seem to be affected by the virus, but she is my hero and I admire everything about what she is doing."

Dr. Ruhi S.
Baywood Family Health Ajax

'Ruhi is one of my closest friends and we have known each other for 21 years. She is a doctor in Ajax. She is currently working as on of the frontline workers including helping other clinics that are short on staff. Ruhi is the bread winner of her family. Her parents live with her so you can only imagine how vigilant she has to be not only at work but also at home. She has been wearing a mask at home since February and not been able to sit at a dinner table with her parents or hug them. Ruhi's also has a grandmother that is 94 years old and currently in palliative care in Ottawa. She hasn't been able to see her since this epidemic migrated to Canada. Also, considering the current situation, she may not be able to even say her last goodbye. But this did not stop her from reaching out to all her friends and families and say, "Hey, I know getting to the doctor for anyone you may be difficult right now as a lot of the doctors may not be taking patient, but they need any emergency help feel free to call me and I will take care of them." She has been nothing but humble throughout this process. It is the month of Ramadan she is also fasting. So working 12-14 hours a day while fasting (not even water) and saving lives is amazing. And for this reason Ruhi is my HERO!"

Chester Village Long term Care Facility Toronto

"She is 70 years old and continues to work full time at a nursing home. When asked if she is afraid of contracting the COVID-19 virus she simply responded "who will take care of the residents if I'm scared and don't go to work?". She is willing to put herself at risk to maintain the care of the residents she has cared for, for 27 years. She is a hero to our family "

Toronto General Hospital

"She is a Registered nurse for 35 years. She is my hero and she goes to work at a job she loves. She commutes by public transit wearing home made masks. On her free time she helps her sister Jen to organize getting donated home made masks, caps and ear savers (used to protect ears from getting breakdowns) She washes them and then brings them to work to distribute to other staff to protect them. She is also very involved at work as she is in a few committees and would play music for her patients to keep them happy during their treatments. She tries to keep us all safe by putting all her clothes including her jacket into wash on the days she works. My mother is a very positive and happy person. She is my Hero"

Jennifer M.
Maple Village Supportive Care Ottawa

"Every day, sometimes 12 hours per day my daughter Jen goes to work at a facility that houses people with mental health/addiction issues. These people would otherwise be homeless. They run the facility with 0 funding, other than what the residents can pay. She is actually the E.D. there, but has stepped up to the front line and is doing everything from cooking to cleaning to working with the residents. She is exhausted, she hurts at the end of the day, but she keeps on keeping on!"

Mariya M.
Extendicare Rouge Valley Nursing Home  Scarborough

"Mariya is a Toronto geriatric nurse who works with those most vulnerable to the Covid-19 outbreak. She broke her leg right when the pandemic started getting serious, and instead of taking time for herself and to heal, she went back to work in a wheelchair. The nursing home she works at has a staff shortage due to pandemic-related restrictions and when she learned she was needed, she ignored the pain and fear and went back in right at the frontline. Her bravery and selflessness are the most incredible inspiration that drives us to be better people - more helpful, more respectful and more caring, and gives us all the hope we need in the world to carry on. It's so heartwarming that many families can rest assured knowing their loved ones are in good hands! She's a true hero and makes us fiercely proud every day she's out there, even though we are terribly worried at the same time. Thank you so much for the chance to give her a little something to smile about during this ordeal!"

Jennifer H.
Civic Hospital Ottawa

My hero is my wife who is working as an emergency room nurse during this pandemic. I also work as a fireman, and on her days “off”, she cares for our two small children alone while I’m on shift. She’s a super mom, she does everything to support our family, and never complains. She just diagnosed with covid-19 herself, which she most likely was exposed to at work. Even sick, she’s always trying to care for us.

Dr. Zarrukh Baig
Royal University Hospital Saskatoon

Honorable Mentions

Health Care front line workers
They are the one who are risking their lives more than other essential services

Diana & Kate (pharmacists at Lynn valley pharmacy, North Vancouver, Canada).
Works at Lynn valley pharmacy as a pharmacist. She is there working in her pharamcy next to a medical clinic and she and her staff are all helping to ensure those of us with serious health issues and medication needs get our life saving medicines almost every day of the week. I am so grateful to Diana, kate, and the rest of the staff at lynn valley pharmacy for all they do!

Pastors Al & Patty Huggett
These guys go above and beyond for their congregation. They adapted quickly to live streaming services to comply with social distancing without letting their people down. With mental health being such an issue people need their churches more than ever. They’re delivering meals, shopping for people who can’t and always have a supply of things in their car for people in need. They’ll be ok the phone in the wee hours of the night counselling anyone who needs it. These are the most selfless and giving people I’ve ever met. They totally deserve to be rewarded for their amazing work in the community of Sarnia and surrounding areas.

Maple Leaf Poultry Toronto Plant
The employees there are my hero, my co workers , i know medical staff and personal support workers a heroes too, but my co-workers, they risk them self too, of going to work do their jobs to support the family/households needs.

Michael Tan & Kim Melecio
Partners, Michael & Kim, are Intensive Care Nurses at Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network. No one can be more on the front line than one.

Health care workers
I feel that my are there and i am safe and they are very helpful kind and understanding at this time of need these are my hero.

Ashley, Andrew, Ashley Crow
All 3 of these hero's work in Nursing Homes every single day even with with current Covid-19 breakout in their nursing homes. And all they care about is their patients.

Front line workers
I believe that our today's hero's are hospitals front line workers putting their lives on risks to protect us.

My former peers at CARS long-term care
My heros are all the staff. Being a PSW myself, I praise them for the care they give and always have time for that one hug or wishing a good night or morning. I am proud to have been a member of the team that goes the extra mile for our residents.